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Ohropax Multi Earplugs

Ohropax Multi Earplugs
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Ohropax Multi Earplugs Effective noise blocking earplugs for work and DIY in the office... more

Ohropax Multi Earplugs

  • Effective noise blocking earplugs for work and DIY in the office and at home.
  • Easy to carry. Practical pair of earplugs connected with a cord making the earplugs easy to carry and keep together.
  • Can be hung around your neck for easy access. Makes multiple and frequent use easy.
  • Anatomically formed with soft air-cushioned lamellae. Re-usable & durable.
  • Contains 1 pair in a handy, transparent storage case.

Product Description:
Don't lose your earplugs at work or at home. With Ohropax Multi, your pair of earplugs are always together and ready for frequent use. Connected with a plastic cord, these earplugs are easy to carry and are particularly practical when exposed to frequent, short term noise.

Anatomically shaped and designed for effective sound protection with pre-formed soft lamellae that mould to fit your ear canals.

Noise Protection
Block out noise in the workplace and at home with these practical and effective earplugs. Ideal for short term noise exposure, including DIY tasks, noisy leisure activities, exposed to loud music or work noise.

Noise Protection at the Workplace
Ohropax Multi earplugs effectively insulate workplace noise and can be combined with protective helmets, protective goggles and capsule ear protectors. Speech and warning signals can still be heard because the earplugs insulate the sound but do not fully shut it out.

The earplugs are preformed and can be re-used multiple times.

The instructions are:
1. Place one hand over your head and use it to pull your ear slightly upwards.
2. Use your other hand to insert the plug deep into your ear canal, using the shaft to help you.

To keep clean, use a mild soap solution to rinse the earplug and leave them to air dry completely. Store in the original container.

For safety, you should not wear these protective earplugs when there is a risk that the cord connecting the plugs may get entangled or caught while you are wearing them.

Also, earplugs should be kept out of the reach of small children.

Product information "Ohropax Multi Earplugs"

  • Packaging: Earplugs come in a handy transparent plastic case with 1 pair inside.
  • Materials: soft Kraton plastic; Shaft: EVA; Connecting Cord: PVC
  • Colour: Plugs and cord: purple; shaft: green
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