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Ohropax soft earplugs
Ohropax Soft Earplugs
Ohropax Soft Earplugs - 10 Earplugs Superior noise blocking earplugs made from soft, skin friendly foam. Protects your ear for up to 32 decibels. Easy to roll and insert into your ear. Foam gently expands inside your ear making a...
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Ohropax Multi Earplugs
Ohropax Multi Earplugs
Ohropax Multi Earplugs Effective noise blocking earplugs for work and DIY in the office and at home. Easy to carry. Practical pair of earplugs connected with a cord making the earplugs easy to carry and keep together. Can be hung around...
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Ohropax Silicon Clear Earplugs
Ohropax Silicon Clear Earplugs
Ohropax Silicon Clear Earplugs Transparent and discreet, Ohropax Silicon Clear earplugs provide excellent protection from water, wind and noise. Perfect for swimming and water sports. Simply roll into a ball and seal the ear opening....
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Ohropax Classic earplugs
Ohropax Classic Wax Earplugs
Ohropax Classic Wax Earplugs - 12 Earplugs • Superior wax earplugs designed to protect your ears from noise, wind and moisture. • Effectively blocks noise. Ohropax Classic insulates noise across the entire frequency range. • Discreet,...
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