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Ohropax Mini Soft Earplugs

Ohropax Mini Soft Earplugs
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Ohropax Mini Soft Earplugs Smaller earplugs ideal for children and people with smaller ear... more

Ohropax Mini Soft Earplugs

  • Smaller earplugs ideal for children and people with smaller ear canals
  • Effective noise blocking earplugs. Insulates up to 35 dB.
  • Re-usable. Made from gentle, skin-friendly soft foam
  • Perfect for sleep and study alike
  • Contains 10 earplugs (5 pairs) in a handy transparent storage container.

Product Description:
Ohropax Mini Soft are a smaller version of the bestselling Ohropax Soft earplugs. Ideal for children and people with smaller auditory canals, Ohropax Mini earplugs are made from a gentle, skin-friendly foam that is easy to clean and re-use.

Noise Protection
Ohropax Mini Soft offers superior protection from harmful and disturbing noise. The earplugs effectively insulates noise across the entire frequency range. Anatomically shaped for easy use and a comfortable, secure fit.

For Smaller Ears
The Mini are somewhat smaller than the regular Soft foam earplugs, which means these earplugs are easier to use and insert inside childrens' auditory canals. The green colour makes it more fun too.

Help protect your ears from harmful noise. Ohropax Mini Soft are easy to use, simply follow these instructions:

Ohropax soft Mini

1. Roll the earplug between clean fingers into a tight cylinder.
2. Pull the ear slightly upward with one hand and insert the rolled earplug deep into the ear canal with the other.
3. Use a finger to hold the earplug in place until it has expanded and is in a secure and comfortable position.

The earplugs can be easily cleaned and used up to five times. To clean, use a mild soap solution to rinse the earplug and leave them to air dry completely without wringing. Store away from heat and direct sunlight.

Product information "Ohropax Soft Mini earplugs"

  • Packaging: Ohropax Soft Mini earplugs come in a handy, transparent plastic case with 10 earplugs (5 pairs) inside.
  • Materials: Made from polyurethane expanding foam with a special surface texture to improve the fit.
  • Colour: Light green
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