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Ohropax Windwolle Wool Earplugs

Ohropax Lamb's Wool Earplugs
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Ohropax Windwolle Wool Earplugs - 12 Earplugs Superbly crafted soft earplugs made from... more

Ohropax Windwolle Wool Earplugs - 12 Earplugs

  • Superbly crafted soft earplugs made from fine sheep's wool
  • Effective protection from cold, wind and rain. The wool is waterproofed to help keep your ears warm and dry.
  • Ideal for home use and for recreational activities like hiking, riding, fishing, golfing and skiing.
  • Suitable for children. Fits all sizes. Easy to use, comfortable and soft. Skin-coloured for discreet use. Re-usable.
  • Contains 12 earplugs (6 pairs) in a handy, protective case, perfect for use at home or outdoors.

Product Description:
Ohropax Windwolle are deluxe earplugs made from soft wool, expertly manufactured to keep your ears warm and dry. Made in Germany, the Windwolle/Wool earplugs are a perfect companion for the great outdoors in cold and wet weather conditions. These wool earplugs are skin-friendly and soft making them also suitable for use by children.

Cold & Wind Protection
Soft and easy to use, these wool earplugs are easily inserted into your ear canals for effective and immediate protection from cold draughts, winds, snow and rain.

Moisture Protection
These earplugs are pre-formed and treated with a waterproofing agent to protect you from annoying water entering your ears. Ohropax Windwolle Wool earplugs protects your ears from water splashes while showering, shampooing and bathing.

Ear Care
Ohropax Windwolle earplugs are also a useful precautionary measure that can be used in the case of grommets and middle ear infections. Wool earplugs help keep your ears warm and snug.They do not impair your hearing or affect the normal ventilation of your ears.

Simply insert the wool earplug into your ear. Some extra instructions are:
1. Insert the preformed plug into the ear canal. Occasionally check that the plug is firmly in place.
2. The protective effect of the plug against the penetration of water into the ear may decrease in the case of high water pressure or if the plug becomes loose. The plugs should therefore not be used when swimming, diving or high diving or in the case of injuries to the eardrum and inner ear infections. If in doubt, please consult your doctor.

To clean, carefully squeeze out any remaining moisture once you have removed them from the ear and then leave the plugs to thoroughly air dry. Avoid using soap as this may remove their water-repellent properties.

Product information "Ohropax Windwolle Wool Earplugs"

  • Packaging: Ohropax Windwolle Wool earplugs come in a handy plastic storage container with 12 earplugs (6 pairs) inside.
  • Materials: Preformed plugs made of sheep's wool treated with a water repellant substance
  • Colour: Skin coloured and discreet
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